Newsletter: October 15, 2017

As an Indivisible group, we have called Congress and done the hard work of staying awake and paying attention to the runaway train that comprises our current presidential administration.

This fall it is critical that we coordinate our efforts to flip the House of Representatives in the 2018 elections.

At Sunday’s meeting, all of our committees should take some time to consider what that means for them. For the HouseWatch team, that means that we will discuss the strategies that Minuteman Indivisible is using to support carefully vetted candidates in other states.

It goes without saying that we will be looking carefully at the 3rd district race as that pool of candidates evolves. There are many different ways to work on elections- including texting, phonebanking, researching, fundraising, social media and helping with graphics/web/communications. Please see the Minuteman Indivisible Elections team for ideas and inspiration.

Your support and contributions will amplify our voices! Please consider joining a committee and/or helping out in the following ways. We need:

  • Amplify Amplifiers: Download app, write scripts, make calls! (There’s a channel on Slack for this.) We will be offering alternatives for people without smartphones on FB and Slack.
  • Openers: Arrive early (6:30) to meetings to help set up.
  • Note-taker: We need a Secretary or someone who’s willing to take notes on a laptop
  • HouseWatch Help: Someone to report on Niki Tsongas or a committee
  • SenateWatch Help: Someone to assist with research and writing on committees
  • Research: Love to read the news but don’t like to write reports? You could scout for articles that pertain to Congressional Committees for HouseWatch and SenateWatch
  • Website contributor: Write a blog post, help Greg keep the website updated by posting SenateWatch and HouseWatch reports as they become available.
  • Facebook participant: Find us there and join the conversation! A lot of notification happens on FB. We know it’s not for everyone, but it’s an easy way to keep people updated on current actions, activities, and events.

See you Sunday–bring a friend!

Deborah Santoro & Margaret Scarsdale
Co-Chairs, Indivisible Nashoba

Deborah Santoro
Deborah Santoro is an artist who runs a contemporary art gallery. She is a wife and mother of three who loves to walk in the woods and practice yoga. Deborah was not politically active before the Women’s March of 2017 and so some of the mess we find ourselves in is her fault. She is doing her best to vindicate that by helping to organize an Indivisible group in her home town with a group of like minded people. #resist