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Serving  Ashby,  Ayer, Dunstable, Groton, Lunenburg, Pepperell, Shirley, and Townsend

 Positive & Progressive

Indivisible Nashoba is a local volunteer organization that supports progressive issues. We’re part of the national Indivisible organization – with thousands of chapters across the country.  Our overarching goal is to stay engaged and to encourage local folks to get involved.

Our Focus

 We’re focused primarily on voter turnout and voter education – but we also support other issues – at both the state and national level – for example environmental issues and healthcare issues. 

Are you involved?

What are your areas of interest?  It feels great to get involved and do something positive.     

Join Us

Join us and let us know how you’d like to get involved. Or sign up to receive the IN newsletter to see what we’re planning and how you could help.  *See below for IN activities last month.

*Recent IN Activities

*Every Saturday, we stage a postcard writing event. (We’ve sent out thousands of handwritten, creative postcards to encourage folks to get out and vote.) 

*September 18th we sponsored a Medicare-for-all forum hosted by Massachusetts Senator Jamie Eldridge.

*September 12th (and August 30th) We worked with local democratic town committees to organize watch parties for the last two Democratic debates.



Our Issues

Protecting Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Happy, thrice happy shall they be pronounced hereafter…who have assisted in protecting the rights of humane nature and establishing an Asylum for the poor and oppressed of all nations and religions.George Washington
General Orders, 18 April 1783

Preserving the Integrity of Our Institutions

How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism.James Monroe
Speech, Virginia Convention, 10 June 1788

Resisting the Normalization of Intolerance and Discrimination

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.Martin Luther King, Jr.
'Letter from Birmingham, Alabama Jail', 16 April 1963

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PostCard Party

Mike & Mary’s Saturday Postcard Party   Every Saturday, Indivisible Nashoba hosts a fun, informal, and effective postcard party where we send creative handwritten postcards to voters, legislators, and anyone else we feel needs motivation … to vote, to speak out, to participate. For example, we’ve sent out thousands of personalized postcards to encourage folks …

In Newsletter October 18, 2019

IN Newsletter October 18, 2019 2020 Kickoff Meeting   Don’t Bag It        Peachy Impeachment  Nothing to Do with Politics Political Reality The End   _______________________________________________ 2020 Kickoff IN General Meeting To get warmed up for 2020 (as if impeachment, Syria, the election, and insanity aren’t enough) Indivisible Nashoba will host its 2020 Kick-off General …

Take Action

Here in the 3rd Congressional District of Massachusetts, we are represented in the US Senate by Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, and in the House by Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. They are already ahead of the curve in resisting attacks on civil liberties and human rights. So what does the Indivisible Guide have to say to us?

Congratulations! Your Senators and Representative are doing what they should to fight racism, authoritarianism, and corruption. They’re making the right public statements, co-sponsoring the right bills, and voting the right way. So how does this change your strategy? Two key things to keep in mind:

Do NOT switch to targeting other Members of Congress (MoCs) who don’t represent you. They don’t represent you, and they don’t care what you have to say. Stick with your own local MoCs.

DO use this guide to engage with your MoCs locally. Instead of pressuring them to do the right thing, praise them for doing the right thing. This is important because it will help ensure that they continue to do the right thing. Congressional staff are rarely contacted when the MoC does something good — your efforts locally will provide highly valuable positive reinforcement.Indivisible Guide