IN Blog Guidelines


IN welcomes editorial comments, links to relevant materials, and personal blog entries from everyone, anyone … you.

Review Process

Blog entries and editorial comments will be reviewed by the IN editorial committee to be sure content is relevant and in good taste. All opinions are welcome.


  • Proof your work to be sure it is reasonably well written.
  • Write for a broad, non-partisan audience.
  • Use short paragraphs, images, and quotes as appropriate. Web readers tend to lose interest with big blocks of unbroken text.
  • Include relevant footnotes or references. You can create automatically-numbered and formatted footnotes by using shortcodes with “note” and “/note” in brackets.
  • Be nice. Criticizing the policies, experience, and qualifications of public figures is fair game. Leave physical appearance and comments about their non-adult children on the sideline.
  • Make your blog entertaining, engaging, and fun.
  • Write in the first person singular (I/me).
  • Blog posts will identify the author and will include the short biography and social media links from your account profile.


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