PostCard Party

Mike & Mary’s Saturday Postcard Party  

Every Saturday, Indivisible Nashoba hosts a fun, informal, and effective postcard party where we send creative handwritten postcards to voters, legislators, and anyone else we feel needs motivation … to vote, to speak out, to participate. For example, we’ve sent out thousands of personalized postcards to encourage folks to get out and vote.)

Bring your fancy colored pens to Mike and Mary’s on Saturday.

Sally Reed   Oct 26, 2019

From IN Newsletter of November 4th: Mike says, “We’ll be writing cards to support Democrat John Bel Edwards in a run-off election for governor of Louisiana. Apparently, neither candidate got 50% of the vote, so LA law calls for a re-do. That election will be held on Nov. 16th.”

Join us at Mike and Mary’s this Saturday. Bring a friend.  9-11 a.m.  For details contact Mike at

John Goodale