Newsletter: December 13, 2017

We are imagining the sighs of relief that were exhaled when you learned of the news of the Alabama victory for Senator Doug Jones. Make no mistake: this is a victory shared by many people (including some in our own state) who rolled up their sleeves and/or opened their wallets and made the “impossible” happen. And it is by no means the end of our Indivisible journey, as you probably know when you think about the current “tax reform” bill that appears to be close to passing, despite its overt and absolutely unapologetic crippling of the poor and those who struggle day to day. Continue reading “Newsletter: December 13, 2017”

Newsletter: December 3, 2017

In November, eleven of us went to the Indivisible Massachusetts Conference in Worcester where we learned strategies to Connect * Affect * Elect in 2018 and beyond. Of the many valuable lessons learned, some of the most valuable are those of hope and connection. In an invigorating speech, Elizabeth Warren reminded us that the actions of Indivisible groups like ours are working; that when people rise up and take a stand, the world changes.

Continue reading “Newsletter: December 3, 2017”